WILD TO THE KORE Paris Show Rescheduled


Due to unfortunate and unpreventable circumstances happening on Paris on 13th of November, the Wild to the Kore stop in Paris at the RAZING x 193 party was cancelled.

We were unable to reschedule a show with the same organizers that would happen in the time frame of the Wild to the Kore EUR Tour, and so have agreed to go back on our business, and look forward to working with them again at a time more suitable.

In the meantime we felt it was necessary to find an event so that the WTTK Tour could still happen in Paris, one of our favourite cities. The organisers of the event WIPEOUT and WE ARE THE NOISE have thankfully allowed us to reschedule our tour stop in very short notice.

xKore, Tisoki and Brig will be appearing at Batofar on Dec 19, to make up for the event that was unfortunately cancelled on Nov 14th. We hope to see all you bass heads there!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1806365532924023/

Kinphonic Team

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