We Are Kin Vol.2


1. Fox Stevenson – Funky Uncle
2. Sonny Banks – Bad Boy
3. Stereoliez – Solidified (ft. Armanni Reign ThugforLess)
4. GIOSER – Action
5. Eluun – Dream Eater (Ft. Backchat)
6. La Musique D’Ordinateur – Low
7. Erotic Cafe’ La Musique D’Ordinateur – Back In It
8. High Beggars – Alluma
9. Rob Gasser – HYPEMACHINE
10. Madeforme – Things
11. Razat – D Deep
12. Wiguez – Nine Roses
13. Wydron – Distorted Minds

Kinphonic bring their a-game once again with Volume 2 of their ‘We Are Kin” series

Featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Fox Stevenson, Sonny Banks, Eluun, Stereoliez, Rob Gasser and many more, We Are Kin Vol. 2 is as multifaceted and diverse as Kinphonic’s own presence in the industry. The compilation poses a celebration of Kinphonic’s ongoing efforts to unite artists from a variety of different realities under one umbrella. It’s a showcase body of work, highlighting a powerful variety of talent and musicality from some of the very best talent in electronic music.

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