Erotic Cafe’


Erotic Cafe’ is Marco, an italian producer/dj of the worldwide electronic music scene.

Marco started making music at 14 years old and, as time passes, he tried different kind of music using different names and playing around the clubs of his city; after a long musical path lasted years Marco decided to create Erotic Cafe’ as a duo, till today that became a solo project.
Erotic Cafe’ released on important labels of the scene, as Rottun Records, Kannibalen, Monstercat, Play Me and with the support of big artists, as Excision, Far Too Loud, Borgore, Black Tiger Sex Machine and BAR9. His career starts in 2014 when, after self-released unofficial remixes, Erotic Cafe’ is called by Heavy Artillery records to release his first single Call Da Police. His fans were immediately very excited then the first single was followed by BEAT and Holyshot. Over the interest of people and blogs, Erotic caught the attention of Excision, the big boss of the worldwide dubstep scene, who pushed him to release his first ep called Interstellar Clash, and to make an official remix for his and Pegboard Nerds’ Bring The Madness released on Monstercat; same formula for the X Up remix. Good relationship even with Kannibalen records, who asked him to make an official remix for Religion by Black Tiger Sex Machine and Lektrique. After these releases, Erotic Cafe’ started to play in clubs and parties as Magazzini Generali (Milan), Social Club (Paris), Holi Festival (Turin) with laptop, launchpad and mixer; thanks to this formula he offers an hybrid show between the classing djing and very fast mashups of dubstep and trap music.