Erotic Cafe (Marco) - is an Italian based music producer & Dj specializing in the more aggressive side of Electronic Dance Music. Starting at the young age of 14, he quickly started experimenting with different music, projects & ideas. Following his new found love for production came the art of Djing. Over the years he has played in many of the clubs in his city. Ironically, given the new found success of the project, 'Erotic Cafe' which was originally set out to be a duo.
After committing in 2014, Marco started to release unofficial remixes to grab people's attention and it's safe to say it worked. He quickly grabbed the eyes & ears of Heavy Artillery records who helped him release his first single 'Call Da Police' which did extremely well, mainly capturing the heart of his fans as they we're beyond excited for Marco's first release. After much anticipation there was a delivery for not one but two follow up releases & indefinitely he caught the attention of Dubstep veteran Excision.

It was clear that Marco's music was starting to stand out & with the help & inspiration of the biggest name in the game, Marco was pushed in the right direction as he released his first E.p called 'Interstellar Clash', and to make an official remix for his and Pegboard Nerds' - 'Bring The Madness' released on Monstercat along with remixing the label boss' 'X Up', one of the heaviest tracks in dubstep to date.
Now that the Erotic Cafe' had a heavy arsenal of music & fantastic support from fans, fellow producers, record labels & Dj's, he has now gone on to have further releases on some of the most important labels in the scene. Starting with Rottun Records then going onto Kannibalen, Monstercat & Play Me Records. With his newest releases on NSD Black Label & Firepower Records, along with finding a home in signing with Kinphonic there are no signs of slowing down.

Since his success he now has even more support from heavy hitters like Excision, Far Too Loud, Borgore, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Snails, PhaseOne, Dubloadz, Yookie, Lektrique and BAR9. In 2018 alone Marco has been busier than ever reaching over 1 Million Spotify listeners, the launch of his very own Erotic Cafe' Merchandise, ghost producing for upcoming artists, Dj'ing around Europe - Magazzini Generali (Milan), Social Club (Paris), Holi Festival (Turin.) Along with creating sample packs (roughly 9k Samples in total) & dominating the Spotify playlists, Marco has also started to work on soundtracks and music for adverts for Warner Chappell.
The success is imminent. With a laptop, launchpad and mixer - Marco offers an hybrid show between the classic style of djing mixed with quick mashups of dubstep and trap music. Giving listeners & viewers a unique taste of the world that is Erotic Cafe'.