Jack Slicer is a moniker for Rodrigo Sandoval, an American record producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.
Born in San Salvador, El Salvador. He grew up in a creative space, where he developed his passion for music, and design.
His heavy-melodic tracks range from stadium-ready dubstep to trap and bass house. Heavily influenced by Nitro Fun, Splitbreed, Eptic, Blooom and Fox Stevenson.

He earned support from Mr. Bill, who played his music while he was opening Deadmau5's concert in "Lots of shos in a row" at red rocks amphitheatre in 2017, after that shocking moment, the "Jack Slicer" project was born. [This can be removed, It happened, but the memory that contained the video Bill gave me was stolen]

In 2018, "The Wave VR" was released, a new VR game in collaboration with Warner Bros, based on their movie "Ready Player One" by Steven Spielberg, including Jack as part of the soundtrack.

Alfter getting atraction with his releases, he got a spot as part of the OST on the acclaimed game "Pacer", the new name of the Wipeout series for PS4 and Xbox One.