After 10 years like producer and DJ in the Cyberpunkers project, born the desire to create something intense and experimental, an outlet for an artist who needs to explore new musical horizons.
This project is characterized by two different types of sound:

- To Listen saga:
In his tracks doesn't exist sound or metric standardizations, key point that blew up his creativity. The frustration of follow all over the years rules imposed by the system is over. The results are tracks with soft dark character, distressing and melancholy, but in the same time full of energy.

- To Rave saga:
Powerful tracks, designed for dancefloors. Always with original sounds and a lot of oddities.

Everything become from scratch in his small studio, analog synthesizers and various experimental devices are the tools used to create a sound that comes from the desire to express strong emotions, turned into ambitious soundscapes.
There are many influences gained over the years, comes mainly from Synthwave, Trip Hop, Electro, Drum & Bass with a touch of Lo Fi.

All you got to do is listen and find out if are the right vibrations to make arise in you the emotions that KenKode wants to share.