I'm Miyoki, a Spanish vocalist whose mission is to capture little fragments of time in melody!

When I started developing my musical taste, none of my friends enjoyed the music I so loved, ranging from video game soundtracks, to Min'yo, Celtic and K-pop. I decided to turn to the internet to find people with similar interests and came upon the dubbing community.

This discovery lead to winning two Arirang awards, and a J-Melo award which later culminated in a collaboration with Japanese singer "Yun*Chi" with the lovely IroKokoro Project.
Almost 6 years since starting, I have plucked up the courage to combine my passion for poetry and love for music, and start creating my own music with incredibly talented producers. I like to combine ethereal, harmonious vocals with harsher sounds, such as grindy dubstep, or heavy DnB drums.

My sole wish is to share stories with you, try to transform tiny moments of powerful emotion into song.

I have a long way to go, but I work hard everyday to improve. Music is such a powerful art, it can fill us with excitement or bring us to tears.
Let's share in the moments of weakness that make us so wonderfully human <3Thanks for all your support!- Miyoki