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Michael Emenau- has worked professionally as a vibraphonist, composer, producer, and arranger for 25+ years, playing such diverse genres as, Jazz, Rock, Drum&bass, Salsa, Techno, Country, Hindustani, Gospel, Baroque, Klezmer and Orchestral music. During this time he has recorded on over 150 CD’s, composed music for 7 films, toured internationally, and lived on 3 continents. As a recording artist he has released a series of highly acclaimed solo CD’s on the boutique record labels, Hearts of Space, Daikini, Lucky Bear and Six Degree’s records.

As a vibraphonist Michael has performed and recorded with such artists as, Barry Finnerty (Miles Davis), Paul Jackson(Herbie Hancock), Daniel Humair, Benoît Charest, Karen Young, Jimmy and Chet Doxas, and was a co-founder of the multiple award winning San Francisco based “Jazz Mafia”. Currently Michael performs as a member of Benoît Charest’s touring ensemble “Les Triplettes de Belleville” as well his own Jazz/Americana group “Sussex” which he co-leads with singer and guitarist Rob Lutes.