Born in the UK, MYLK is a producer/songwriter/vocalist known for her J-pop or "Kawaii" inspired music productions fused with diverse EDM genres. She has also collaborated with various electronic producers - one collaboration in particular was released via Monstercat on Rocket League, the popular video game.

With her music career only kicking off in early 2015, MYLK has come a long way, composing and sound designing for "A Pixel Story" - a video game published by Channel 4, producing a vocal sample pack with Splice, and releasing an array of singles and official remixes.

She is already making her mark with her cute, punchy, bubbly tracks, accumulating over 500,000 plays solely on Soundcloud and over 5 Million plays overall on Youtube.

MYLK has recently teamed up with Avex Group to accomplish a full album production for FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins) - and she continues to take the world by storm and spread her tracks around the globe.