Producer/DJ hailing from Victoria, Australia. Drawing inspiration from artist such as SUBFILTRONIK!!!™, Blankface and Jakes, Phex is a common name taking the underground by storm with his well-known signature style of Dubstep. Alongside his heavier style, his atmospheric-ambient pieces grab and pull you through epic spirals of uplifting atmospheres and percussion. Producing since the age of 14 years old with Reason, Phex has quickly solidified his own space within the Dubstep scene.

Having releases on notorious labels such as Kinphonic and Blacklight Audio, he has also shared the stage with many legendary artist such as Megalodon, 50 Carrot, MUST DIE!, Apashe, PhaseOne and more. The success of quality releases and hard work has also brought about a flock of supporters, from Shiverz [Monsters CEO] to artist such as A3, Acting Damage, Phiso, Obey, Mastodon, SUBFILTRONIK!!!™, XKore, Bukez Finezt, M A Z E, BloodThinnerz and more; Phex's tunes can be heard in DJ sets/mixes all around the globe.