Rhodz is a French electronic music producer from Nantes, France. He began producing music eight years ago and the productions don't conform to any specific genre. Rhodz prefers to experiment and mix various ideas into his favorite genres. His music has, however, always been inspired by electro house, pop, and jazz, his favorite genres. Rhodz's "Boogie Pls" release has garnered a jaw-dropping 1.5+ million views on YouTube. "Dream Fiction" has been featured in What The Cut's, a popular French YouTuber, videos. "Floating on Your Memories," a song from Rhodz's Fading Horizon EP, is featured in Spotify's Brainfood playlist. Rhodz's productions will continue to remain genreless, giving him a creative edge and mysteriousness in his releases. We never know what we're going to get with Rhodz's next release!