Sonny Banks is a British electronic music producer, currently blazing through the ranks of the bass and house scenes. What sets Sonny Banks apart is his extensive and eclectic history in electronic music and sound design, stretching through electro, trance, drum and bass and dubstep, framing his approach to house music in a very different way than other more club-orientated and mainstream producers.

Currently releasing through Tchami's momentous "Confession" label, he has garnered widespread support among peers in the scene, with heavy live and radio support being the norm. His journey started with a bang with the release of "Spice", considered for a very long time to be a secret weapon track of many DJs. As each new release from Sonny drops, such as "Good Girls" and "Mollybreath", this momentum shows no signs of letting up.

If an outside-of-the-box and extensive interpretation of house music is what you are looking for, keep an eye on Sonny Banks, and his exhilarating ascent into house music.