Trivecta Artwork

Sam Dobkin, better known as Trivecta, is an EDM producer and songwriter from Tampa, FL. He's stylistically known for creating melodic trance, dubstep, bass, and drumstep music.

Since his first release with Monstercat in 2014, Trivecta continues to make waves in the trance, dubstep, and drumstep worlds. His ability to incorporate melodic elements with production that oftentimes includes a progressive house and bass feel attracts would-be listeners across the EDM scene.

In the beginning of 2017, Trivecta released "Shatterpoint", a single unlike anything he's ever released that shows a new side to his production abilities. Heavily influenced by the "dark melodic bass" trend that is growing in popularity, the listener is not only reminded of the likes of Seven Lions and Illenium, but also hears something completely new that is entirely Trivecta.

Often working with other songwriters, producers, and vocalists, Trivecta stays true to his collaborative spirit as he continuously explores new ways to create music with other talent. This year, he released "Now You Know", written alongside Eminence and vocalist Aloma Steele and released on Proximity, and "Break Me (feat. Karra)", released on Monstercat and featured on the widely popular video game, Rocket League.

Other releases this year include "Feel My Love", released on Thrive, and a remix of Illenium's "Fractures (feat. Nevve)", released on Seeking Blue.

Expect to see more of Trivecta this year. In the words of Trivecta himself, this year " shaping up to be a 'next-phase', or a 'lift off' type year. Live shows, much more material than last year, more visuals, an EP, and some more special things that will ultimately make this all into a much bigger experience than ever before." (SoundShock Interview, 2017)