Eluun – New Life Artwork

New Life is the debut EP from fresh French artist Eluun and a breath of fresh air for melodic electronic music. It consists of 6 original tracks in Eluun's signature sound, celebrating and reflecting on life.

The hot single 'New Life' from the EP features vocals from the producer himself, bouncy rhythms and refreshing synths to boot.

Eluun is a young electronic music producer as well as a singer/songwriter, hailing from Nancy, France. His musical style covers the entire electronic music spectrum, from glitch hop, complextro to dubstep and drum and bass, with festive energy and lively spirit. Eluun flexes his versatile skills taking on such a range of productions.

With the energetic producer being very well-received and rising quickly in the scene, it is important you keep an eye on this guy.

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