KenKode – Abstractorium EP Artwork

Abstractorium, is nothing short of that: abstract. Alien, metallic, and deep house sounds move vicariously from start to finish on this epic four-track EP.

The epicness begins with "Mine," a slower techno track with a culmination of saw synths, high pads, and edgy basses. "Moan" implements airy vocal synths and wide basses that pair flawlessly with the retro percussion instruments and transitions. KenKode takes full advantage of time, as "Moan" moves into some tech house and trap. "Night Slave" slows down and allows for maximum immersion within KenKode's sound, inviting a happier tone with airy synths, wet basses, and organs. Finishing off the Abstractorium is "Spaghettification," a pool of deep basses, whining synths, and perfectly crafted harmonies.

Prior to launching his solo career, KenKode was one-half of Cyberpunkers. The burgeoning bass music producer begins all projects from scratch and constructs them from the ground up with analog synths, ambitious soundscapes, and experimental devices. The sound that KenKode's music produces can be characterized by two types of sound: The Listen Saga and Rave Saga. Listen Saga take a softer, darker turn that is distressing and full of melancholy without sacrificing energy. The Rave Saga tracks are strictly designed for dancefloors and are loaded with power, original sounds, and oddities. KenKode draws inspiration from genres like trip-hop, synthwave, electro, and lo-fi drum and bass.