Various Artists – HEAVYWEIGHT, Vol.2 Artwork

Coming in hot, London-based label Kinphonic has put together the second installment of Heavyweight, a hard-hitting, bass filled compilation called Heavyweight Vol. 2. The compilation features artists like BOARCROK, Soberts, Kris Cayden, RYVI, and more. The previous Heavyweight compilation featured artists like Lord Swan3x, Murda, P Hex, Creation, and more. This second installment is equally as powerful as the first with murderous basses, slashing synths, and unpredictable rhythms.

Stacked with a relentless arsenal of bass from start to finish, Heavyweight Vol. 2 only scratches the surface of Kinphonic's catalog. The bottomless bass that continues to ravage throughout the entirety of this compilation isn't for the faint hearted. Be wary before you go to hard on the play button, as it will take you by surprise.

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