We are Kin Vol. 1

A compilation showcasing the best in a variety of bass music coming from the Kinphonic roster. Setting a quality precedent for the Kinphonic label, with many more releases of the same high calibre to come.


Dance music is a broad church. New labels appear on almost weekly basis, frequently focused on a particular genre or sub-genre. Not so with Kinphonic.

A loose collective but with a distinct aim: to give the artists involved maximum opportunity and artistic freedom. Growing as it has out of an artist agency, Kinphonic will release a wide range of music from a deep pool of talent – some established, some not – but with one common element throughout the roster – high quality.

Giving artists free reign to work in whatever style they wish, the first release ‘We Are Kin Vol 1’ opens with a gorgeous slice of chill from Swiss producer Kredo, working alongside the soulful Songdreamer. The soulful vibe continues (albeit with the addition of a massive dancefloor D&B rush) courtesy of Fox Stevenson and then Rob Gasser featuring Miyoki. The Brig delivers a slamming piece of Electro in typical swashbuckling style before Stereoliez leave you spinning with a the club version of their recent smash Trap freebie. Tisoki drops a massive 100bpm bomb with MC Gravity, Jarvis and Re:Flex collaborate on a massive sci-fi Dubstep cut and then founder member xKore delivers the final blow.

With further releases expected on a monthly basis and due to feature names such as Visionaire, Noisestorm, Tut Tut Child, Droptek and Konec, this is just the first step in an epic journey where the assembled members of the traveling party all bring something new and unique. Where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

They say you can’t choose your family. Not true in this case.

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